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Diaz to GSP "I think I can't beat cha"

Holy crap. How delusional is this guy?

He actually looks at the camera with a straight face, pumps his chest and acts like some tough guy and says to GSP - "I want a Rematch, I think I can beat cha"?

Dude, get a small grip on reality. Rematches are only given when the loser demonstrated a signifigant ability to beat the title holder, but lost a close decision, lost at the last second by a lucky punch or submission, or lost when most people think he won.

Dude, Diaz, you got totally dominated for 5 rounds. You had no answer for what GSP Brought, you could not stop it, as much as I wish you could, but like all others before you, they knew what GSP ws going to do, but still couldn't stop it.

For you to ask for a rematch, after the beating you took, is a total joke.
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