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Originally Posted by AlexZ View Post
Do we know what weight he even came in at? No.

Do other proficient fighters/managers know the Canadian weigh-in guidelines? Any links?

What I'm saying is that weigh-in guidelines need to be CLEAR instead of having "dudes" argue that decimals are not counted based on hearsay.
He came in at officially 170, say that he was decimal points over, he could easily lose the shorts and be at 170 on the dot. I cant assume that GSP weighed in any different just because someone else says you can. If you assume that they are lying on GSP's behalf, then you could consider other fighters on the Card fighting over their limits by decimal points as well, and they lied about that too. Instead of assuming and blaming everyone, im on the belief that its currently an isolated case. Diaz came in at 169, if he came in at 170, no one would care or they would have to also assume they maybe, just maybe, he could also be decimal points over. I just think its pointless calling cheat (not you) over decimal points of pounds, and that was the difference in GSP handling Diaz. Just dont understand that if someone says one thing, its ok to target people. Like how everyone assumed Belfort failed that Brazil drug test when it wasent him, and even now, still assume some wrong doing on Vitor or cover up.

Their is no Canadian weigh in guidelines, I dunno why US Fans are instantly thinking that Brazil and Canada are corrupt places to be at. Each Province has their own Athletic Commissions, and looking from the outside, they work together with the UFC based on their rules and guidelines. Their is no "Canadian conspiracy" if their is an issue, its solely on the Quebec Athletic Commission and/or UFC. Side Note: I know people complain that GSP fought in Canada often, but why is this an issue, and why does no one care if Cain or Bendo fought in the USA or Bisping fighting in the UK? And YES they Drug Test in Canada, stop thinking they dont.

I agree that the rules have to be clear for all parties involved before a fight. If it has to be 170lbs on the dot, its got to be 170lbs on the dot. Diaz looks after his own weight, they have scales in the back for you to check if you are on weight. Shouldnt matter if a third party telling you that you made weight 1 hour before. Thing is, outside of the USA, other countries use the Metric System and when you are converting, those decimal points can be tricky. Also if you are decimal points over, dont you just round that off to the nearest whole number anyway? How about if GSP actually came in at .4 even if (allegedly) the limit is .9? Im not on that side of the fence so im not claiming anything about them, but I used to be a fighter to pay for college so I kind of know how these things work. But again this isint like GSP actually weighing 175lbs and they lied and said 170, that would be serious. But again I have to exercise caution to assume that GSP did anything wrong. He could have come in like they said, at 170. Its up to other people to challenge and back up their accusations in that GSP did not come in at 170lbs. Just because the cake is offered on the table doesent mean everyone is taking a slice, Diaz is just assuming GSP mustve took one. It isint any more currently credible than the packed hand wraps, steroid, mind reading accusations against GSP brought up by Diaz's Camp. Nick has to realize that throwing away money like this to random people (and weed) is why he becomes poor.
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