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Originally Posted by Killz View Post
Diaz will whine about literally anything. The fact that he got totally and utterly dominated by a far superior fighter seems to have gone a miss with him and he is looking for every excuse he can possibly find as to why he lost.

You lost because you couldnt handle GSP's 'riddum' Nick, get over it.
If Nick was really that worried about 0.9 lbs than well, he couldve eaten a burrito and be at GSPs alleged level whatever that may be. Its not like this alleged loophole was to only cover GSP, it was also offered to Nick. I really really think this is just grasping at straws here, I cant see anything substantial coming out of this. Though if GSP filed complaints about Diaz stemming from the fight he would have had much better cases for them, but he didnt, because GSP is the bigger and better man than whiny Nick who turns off his outlaw persona and now tries to play by the rules to justify his losses. Whos to say that GSP also did not know about this 0.9 thing? He could may very well be on the same boat as Nick.

This isint like BJ Penn's greasing accusations towards GSP, at least that one actually had circumstantial evidence, that was legit and did hurt GSPs image. This is just pure accusations, and normally that wont fly in any courtroom. And say that the QAC was wrong about their rules, why does GSP have to take the fall for any wrong doing? Nick is just trying to get a rematch thats all, this is probably the only way he might ever get one.

Theirs my say on this situation. If you want to accuse someone of something, just make sure you can back it up with something other than assumptions that Canada and a Canadian mustve conspired with each other.
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