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Originally Posted by Redrum View Post
No Mercy, I highly, highly recommend reading the books prior to watching any of the tv series. I know that may be impossible at this point, but the books provide such an exquisite level of detail that is just beyond reach on camera.

There are also differences in what occurs, there are added scenes in the series that are not in the books, and as much as I love the tv series having bought season 1 and 2 on blu ray, the books are infinitely better.

I originally received book 1-4 in book form from my brother and read them, then bought book 5 on kindle and read that. Then when I finished 5...I bought books 1-4 on kindle as well and started on book 1 again and am half way through a re-read of book 2 at this point.

I can tell you that this is the only 5,000+ page story that I have ever endeavored to read twice. It is that good.

However, I do recommend buying the works and reading them on Kindle if possible, because the text of the novels is kind of crammed together and difficult to read with old eyes.

On the Kindle there is a space between each line, and that makes it so, so much easier.

I've read many books in my life, and I've never read a story as good as A Song of Fire and Ice. Martin will always have my respect and love. He is a master.
Sublime! I'm a pretty fast reader. Currently reading The Biggest Band Of Brother: Memoirs Of Major Winters. Great read. When I find some time I may get into this. For now I'm gettin' ready for the season 3 premiere this Sunday!!!

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