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1) Chael Sonnen dominated Anderson in their first fight.

2) Chael Sonnen did not 'lose horribly' to Anderson in their second fight (he took a 10-8 in R1).

3) Chael Sonnen is fighting Jon Jones because everyone's favourites - Lyoto and Shogun - refused to. It's hilarious how many people forget that others were offered the fight with Jones long before Dana called up Sonnen.

3) When Chael Sonnen loses, he congratulates his opponent and moves onto the next challenge.

There is no comparison between Chael and Diaz. Chael strategizes, whereas Nick gets creamed for 5 rounds and then says, 'I still think I can beat you'. Nick's best bet, and I say this as a big fan, would be to take that rematch with Carlos, win, and then call out GSP. I doubt very much that anyone actually wants to see him and St. Pierre go at it again right now.

It's amazing how much clearer and focused Nate's mindset is. He gets a 5 round arse kicking from Henderson, and how does he handle it? He moves onto the next fight in an attempt to reestablish his name. There's a novel concept.
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