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Originally Posted by AmdM View Post
Why wouldn't GSP come at 170.9 or whatever if he knew in advance that he could?
The thing is, we don't know that. We don't know that GSP knew about the rules. Sure, I suspect he *did* know about it. At east, he probably knew about it longer then Diaz did. But its all speculative.

I'm inclined to believe GSP was slightly overweight. I'm also inclined to believe that was not in the best interests of the UFC or Quebec, and thus measures we're taken to protect those interests. But I also believe in dragons and faeries... for real.

Evidence is seriously lacking.

One thing I dont understand, is that if they dont count the decimal place in Quebec, why even bring it up? Both of them would have come in at a recorded 170. Why even tell Nick about it? If its the standard procedure for making weight in Quebec then that information is public knowledge. There should be plenty of previous fight examples. So, why feel the need to inform Nick just before the weigh-ins. Kind of points to GSP weighing over 170.9 and needing the extra hour.

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