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Originally Posted by Buakaw_GSP View Post
Just because some dude said that they are lenient towards 0.9 pounds does that mean that GSP actually came in at 170.9 pounds. Diaz (and his fans) is trying to put one and two together, but their has been no reason to doubt that GSP actually came in 0.9 pounds over. and lol at Canadian rules... way to generalize.

Diaz has to prove that GSP came in 0.1- pounds over, if he cant, then is complaints are pointless.
This post shows that you totally miss the whole point of the discussion.

You, like other mouth breathers here love to turn it into a Diaz/GSP thing.

Originally Posted by Killz View Post
Diaz will whine about literally anything. The fact that he got totally and utterly dominated by a far superior fighter seems to have gone a miss with him and he is looking for every excuse he can possibly find as to why he lost.

You lost because you couldnt handle GSP's 'riddum' Nick, get over it.
This goof as well. So when a guy gets suspended for 9 months for TRACES of metabolites he isn't allowed to pursue the answers to .9 of a lb at an official weigh in? He is not allowed to have a clarification?

Get out of here. You bring nothing to the thread.
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