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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post

'Generally' doesn't translate into 'never' now does it (different fight, but point made)

I don't tend to falsify or conjure up imaginary statistics or facts. Even if I read an article that was total BS (Bleacher Report) and now cannot find, as bad as that looks, I have little reason to outright lie.

Besides, if the 10-8 comment was literally the only thing you could pick apart in my post, then take your arrogant attitude and jog on. We've nothing else to discuss.

Unless of course you'd like to further defend Shogun and Machida for bailing on the UFC.
Yes I would. Shogun and Machida had NOTHING to gain from taking a fight at one week's notice when they were ALREADY #1-3 contenders in the division, already holding losses to Jones, and Machida at least would most likely get a title shot on his own merit with a full camp soon anyway.

CHAEL on the other hand had NOTHING to lose with this unearned fight and EVERYTHING to gain. If he loses, so what? He's a middleweight, everyone expects him to. He doesn't get pushed down the ladder, damage his career, nothing, BECAUSE HE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A WIN IN THE DIVISION THIS DECADE. If he wins he gets to be A UFC CHAMP, his lifelong dream, without any effort climbing the ladder whatsoever. This has been discussed ad nauseam, I don't know why people still continue to harp about Chael's badassery for mouthing himself to a free unearned title shot ... his situation was completely different from Machida's.

I'm glad you told me you're not a liar, because if there's one thing you can depend on to pick out liars, it's that people always tell the truth about not lying.

Besides even if you didn't, your source could be some sonnenite in a comments thread that you can't recall. Just claiming you saw "some article, somewhere" and telling me stories of your angelic honesty won't make me believe a preposterous claim like calling that boring LnP round without a single landed punch a 10-8.

Originally Posted by John8204 View Post
Or you can just look at the damn scorecard and see the Judges gave out 3 10-8's.
Or you could realize we're talking about the 2nd fight obviously.
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