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Originally Posted by amoosenamedhank View Post
Did I miss the part where anyone actually has prove that GSP weighed 170.9lbs? They UFC VP said that they could be up to 170.9lbs as that is the last .10lb before 171lbs.... where does that actually say GSP was anything but 170lbs?
It doesent, but because it was in Montreal people are automatically linking it to GSP and saying he is guilty and that because you could theoretically weigh in at 170.9 lbs GSP mustve been closer to .9 than .0, If they fought in Las Vegas, would people start questioning GSP, Diaz or any other championship fight wondering if fighters are coming in at +0.4 than at .0? IF they relaxed a rule, it was for BOTH fighters, including Diaz.

People assuming stuff, thinking its true and its getting out of hand. Like I said if Diaz also was officially recorded at 170lbs as well, no one would give a damn because you can also imply that Diaz could also be in the decimal ranges, but since he came in at 1 pound less officially by the same people he is accusing, he gets off free, and feels free to accuse GSP of any wrong doing. Diaz found a loophole to complain because he assumes that GSP found a loophole to weigh as much as 0.9lbs over and did so. He is going to try to hang this over the heads of UFC/QAC/GSP to try to get them to make a rematch, because now everyone realizes its his only way to get one again, he has been exposed in that he wont be able to fight his way back up instead. Nick is good at fighting against the system in getting them annoyed so much, that they relent and just give him what he wants, instead of Nick earning it. GSP is the kid buying candy with his allowance, Diaz just whines until his Mom gives in and buys him it. Nick is just hoping that all this weigh in shenanigans annoys the UFC off so much, that they relent and give him the rematch with GSP, it still wont mean that they think that Diaz was right all along.

Yes it looks really petty, but Diaz does have every right to file a complaint if he wishes too, though its unlikely he wont get anything out of it. Maybe he should be paying his taxes instead of paying for frivolous attempts at court cases (this and his weed suspension), better use of whatever money he claims he has left.
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