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Originally Posted by theboz19
You are right. I was taking cheap shots at the Iowa farm boy wrestlers. It is nice that they finally have somewhere to go after their free ride to Oklahoma State is over. While Matt Hughes is busy cashing his $300k paycheck Oscar De La Hoya will be deciding whether or not he wants to purchase the UFC.

I love MMA but I also love and respect boxing. It will be nice to see more boxers, like Butterbean, make the transition and start knocking guys out. Speaking of the Bean. He is old and never really was a great boxer but yet he has a winning record in MMA.
First off, anyone can have a winning record in mma if they only fight people who are a great matchup for them, and he manages to blow a lot of those fights anyway. Using Butterball, I mean Butterbean to show why boxers will make good fighters is really dumb. Also, this is not "wrestlers vs boxers". These are mixed martial artists who are not bad on their feet either. Now, I do agree and think boxers CAN make good fighters. They obviously are coming in with one solid skill but I think that wrestling is the best base to have. and boxing, although very useful in MMA is not all you need to know about striking. If a boxer is a good athlete, can pick up on the rest of the game and is dedicated then yes they can become good.
On the topic of money, yes boxers make more, much more. I for one, believe this will change in the next few years. Especially, because I think a lot of boxers want to fight. When it comes down to it, boxers are fighters and when they see what MMA is all about it is only natural that they will want to test themselves in a more complete sport. I think one thing that is stopping a lot of them right now is the money, but if the money switches over to mma i think we will see a lot of boxers become mixed martial artists.
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