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Originally Posted by CLG

I dont think there is anyone in MMA today that could compete with the pros in their own sport not even close I could be wrong, but I dont think that I am.
Totally true. This goes for all sports without exception. It's like Michael Jordan saying "well i'm an amazing basketball player so i'll be an amazing baseball player". It just doesn't work that way. It's idiotic for any boxer to challenge an MMA practitioner to step into a boxing ring just as it's idiotic for any boxer to step into an MMA ring. They are speaking of two completely different sports and each has merits as well as cons. Sure they are combat sports but we're comparing apples and oranges here it doesn't matter if they are both fruits they just will never be the same.

On another note, pay does not indicate worth as clearly evident with the salaries the teachers of the world receive in comparison to our entertainers. That's a terrible argument.
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