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Originally Posted by Ape City View Post
What fights do you have to look forward to in boxing? You have Money and Pacman. Guerrero with be a huge fight for Money but boxing is so thin compared to mma now. You have a handful of fighters that draw huge money then nothing at all.

At least mma is still young and has some unknowns to keep us excited.

Although I have to agree with you in some ways. GSP vs Diaz, Sonnen vs. Bones, and Weidman vs. Silva are all ridiculously easy fights to predict. None of the challengers really stood a chance.

And yes, I did intend to use past tense. Sonnen has no chance of beating Bones and neither does Weidman have a shits chance in beating Silva short of a lightning bolt. I'd bet anything at all, anything.
Boxing has plenty of upcoming stars. Adrien Broner? Canelo Alvarez? Andre Ward? Those three guys alone are enough to be excited about. MMA has nothing on Boxing right now especially with Floyd fixing to fight soon. While we're getting Bigfoot vs Cain 2 and GSP/Diaz

And seriously, are you high? Weidman has nothing for Anderson? Lmao,

Or are you one of these delusional moron Silva fans or just an ignorant troll like Copter who ignores the facts and tries to discredit Weidman at every turn? Because if anything Anderson is the one who has nothing for Weidman

Anderson was mounted by a CORPSE, Travis Lutter literally had NOTHING and he MOUNTED him.

Chael Sonnen who supposedly had nothing for Anderson completely wrecked him for 23 minutes, dropped him, took him down and completely had his way with him. And then in the rematch was controlling him with ease until Anderson resorted to cheating.

Anderson even got finished by a couple of no name Japanese cans but the best prospect to hit the division in years, a guy who out wrestled Bader and Davis in college, the guy who flat out embarrassed the guy that Anderson brought into teach him wrestling and qualified for ADCC with a year of formal training has no chance?

Please. Weidman isn't Maia or Leites with no hope of dragging him down and his submission game is way better than Chael's. When he gets Anderson down he will keep him there and easily grind him out for five rounds.

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