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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
All of those guys are part of camps. Black House and Team Quest. Actually, every UFC, Bellator, WSOF etc. pro fighter is part of a camp. Every single one.

Training solo with a coach is all fine and dandy until you need to actually spar or roll. You know, hit and and be hit by a live, RESISTING opponent instead of playing pretend with pads that don't hit back, which any Nancy can do and feel like Anderson Silva. But if playing pretend is all you've done lately, you're going to be in for a shock once inside the cage, when the guy taking the pillow's place actually socks you one.

And if you spar or roll with guys that have no clue on how to resist someone at your level, it's called a waste of time and child-beating. Hence the concept of a camp of fighters near the same level.

You watched a few videos of black house guys hitting pads with a coach and assumed that's all they do and never spar? Seriously copter where do you get these outlandish ideas lol? There's plenty of videos of Anderson sparring with Machida, Erick Silva, the Nogs, and so on, so I guess they're all in on the whole circle jerk thing.

The closest thing to what you're saying was Fedor with his backwoods Stary Oskol camp, and even he had Alexander to spar and roll with as well as a few B-leaguers in the 2nd half of his career and a good number of world champ level Sambo grapplers throughout.

I can understand not needing a giant fratboyish camp like Blackzilians, but your idea of anyone fighting at this level while going solo, hitting pads and practicing katas with some Mr. Miyagi is pure fantasy.
I don't even know how one gets so far off the mark.

I didn't say one becomes a world champion by hitting pads and never sparring.

I did say that the idea of a bunch of elite fighters sparring hard day in and day out breeding world champions has proven to be a fallacy....and an odd one at that considering the lengthy history of combat sport athletes sparring with mediocre journeyman or younger prospects at best.

And about Anderson, yeah he spars those guys one rare occasion, but not a single one of those guys is a regular part of his preparation for fights at X-Gym. There are also countless fighters that train with multiple coaches and go to multiple gyms.

GSP is associated with Jackson's, but all of his preparation is done with Firas and the only thing Greg Jackson does is go over some basic gameplans a few days before the fight....yet people act like GSP is training with Jon Jones on the regular and that must be how he's so good!

In reality, Tri-Star's an excellent gym with excellent coaches but Rory's the only one even close to GSP's level...the rest of the people that train that are fairly mediocre which is pretty standard for a regular MMA gym...which is why I don't particular understand these Blackzillian type camps that come around. Especially given that from what I saw in Rashad's primetime video, the facility is other shit. It just looks like they threw a bunch of top tier fighters in a little ass room and expect to succeed.

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