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If Nick Diaz is trying to talk himself into a rematch and some are trying to compare him to Sonnen for that, learn this: Nick Diaz can never be compared to Chael Sonnen. Chael is a vey intelligent, fast thinking, fast speaker, eloquent and associate ideas, proccesses and spits back to your face in a split of a second, while Nick Diaz is quite the opposite, "slow, but wrong" type who every speech sounds like he was just woke up from a coma, so, no, Nick would never sell a fight like Chael. GSP 5-0 you at half throttle. Be gone.

@TLL, because Sonnen has all the verbal abilities described above and he misused them to attack Anderson's family, sex orientation, country and fellow poor children, he deserved the beating via shoulder to the jaw, greasing, short pulling or whatever other move Anderson didn't have the time to showcase that night only because Sonnen assumed fetal position too soon.
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