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Originally Posted by OU View Post
No he got there solely off of his mouth and the annoying fans that gobble up his gimmick.
Actually, he got there by beating everyone in the MW division not named Anderson Silva. You can blindly hate on the man all you like, but there's no denying that he earned both title shots at MW. As for LHW, well... you can thank Machida and Shogun for tucking tail for that.

As for this 'he's scripted' nonsense, it's not entirely true. Chael has delivered gold at fan Q&As and press conferences alike, and it's not as though he's somehow managed to read the minds of the fans and the journalists in advance. He's entirely able to come up with hilarious material on the spot. This 'he's rehearsed' baloney comes from those who simply don't like him. I think he draws a blank when directly challenged, but that doesn't mean he's scripted. That's something else entirely.

If Chael went in and lost every fight, I'd have less respect for him. But the fact is, he delivers. And he's quite evidently dedicated himself to bettering his overall game. Losing to Anderson Silva twice doesn't make him an overrated bum, and if it does, then Anderson Silva must not be all that great to begin with. Nor will losing to Jon Jones - a man who has demolished several spectacular fighters - hurt Chael's legacy. I'm sure there will be some who will claim it will, but those same people would probably go on to defend Machida.

Sonnen's given people reason to dislike him, that much I admit. I tend to take more away from TUF than I do a couple of obvious showmanship interviews prior to his fights with Silva. But to dismiss his noteworthy skills, traits, and attributes because he verbally spanked Anderson Silva will only fly with so many people. Again, dislike the man all you want for the things he's said. But have enough sense to realize that if Chael Sonnen had not won a single fight in the UFC, he wouldn't be fighting Jon Jones, silver tongue or not.
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