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R1: They both land low roundhouse kicks. Lima pings through an over-the-top right on the next exchange. He throws it again with no set up and Mann clips him with a counter. Lima switches to southpaw and lands a combo. Lima hurls a right-left dangerously from the waist, but finds the mark on a retreating right hook. Mann noticeably calm; almost too calm in contrast with Lima's exuberance. And he pays for it: Lima plugs him with a lightning-fast combo and sends him down on one knee with a left hook.

Lima stays on the trigger but Mann recovers and defends well with 2 minutes left. Mann's lead right is off the mark and Lima grazes with his counter combo. Inside low kick from Lima. Lima unrolls a 4-5 punch combo on a lazy Mann low kick and Mann seems angry after eating a fair share, pressing the attack as Lima backpedals and circles out of danger. Commentator Jimmy Smith aptly notes the quickness and footwork disparity, both of which strongly favor Lima in a solid first frame. 10-9 Lima.

R2: Mann opens up the same; flat-footed and almost looking disinterested. Lima cracks him with a left and senses the same, clapping his hands loudly in Mann's face to wake him up. Mann catches a Lima low kick but can't convert. Lima switches from his wide-sailing hooks to slice a straight right hand through Mann's defense and he stumbles back. Now Mann gets inside with a quick counter-right as Lima winds up for his left hook.

There's a fine line between patient/composed and inactive, and Mann is on the wrong end of it. Lima bouncing light on his toes, moving his head and darting in and out with offense while Mann stands still and throws late counters. Lima clinches up and spears a knee to the body amidst another hail of leather. 10-9 Lima.

R3: Lima starts off by snapping Mann's head back with a short right. Lima lands a low kick. Another. Mann throws an off-balance punch and gets swarmed when it whiffs and he's out of position. After his standing pressure, Lima wisely capitalizes on Mann's flat-footed stance and nails a takedown, quickly passing to half guard and looking to mount. Mann shuts down the pass and Lima settles into half guard with short elbows and strikes.

Mann, normally game and higher paced, is not even in this fight, perhaps exhausted from his first cut to 135. Mann nicely escapes with a low single and reverses position but falls right into Lima's triangle. Mann bases down to keep the pressure off the choke and Lima bounces some elbows off his melon from his guard. Mann just lays there in the triangle while Lima celebrates off his back with 10 seconds left. Mann didn't mount an iota of effective offense and was outright dominated. 10-8 Lima, for a 30-26 his way on my card.

All 3 judges have it 30-27 for Rodrigo "Ratinho" Lima, who defeats Ronnie Mann by unanimous decision and lands a spot in the Bantamweight Tournament.

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