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Originally Posted by Big_Charm View Post
420 That's a pretty ignorant thing to say that Mousasi/Fedor/Diaz are overrated.

If the same Gus that fought Rua comes in, he'll win the fight via very close decision. Gegard has tons of experience and has great striking. It's going to truly show where both guys are in the division, but it's too bad they didn't split them up as I see them both as contenders.

Either way we get treated to an awesome fight!
No it isn't...

Fedor was considered the best heavyweight in the world all because he had beat up on freakshow cans and other mediocre lightweight heavyweights. Soon as he fought some top notch fighters he lost. And as soon as he went back to fighting cans he starts demolishing them again... He is a good fighter that should be fighting at LHW, he is very skilled but outmatched against top HW fighters.

Diaz was considered to be the best WW and MW fighter by many. They thought he would destroy GSP and possibly even beat Silva... Imo he isn't and never was a top 5 WW fighter...

Lombard again same thing. Considered the best blah blah blah comes to the UFC and craps the bed...

That is what happens when you are a decent fighter and you fight poor quality opponents. It makes you look better then you are and many people overrate fighters based on these performances when they should be taking them with a grain of salt.

Mousasi hasn't fought anyone near Gustaffson's level in his whole career... I don't know that I would consider him as ever beating a top 10 LHW opponent and Gustaffson is imo top 5. Lawal with a horrible gas tank was able to easily out wrestle him. A washed up Jardine gave him slight issues. He has also looked mediocre in parts against OSP and Kyle who are b level fighters(hell Kyle isn't even a b level fighter). You can believe me now or wait till after the fight, either way it doesn't matter. Mousasi is overrated by many and Gus is going to prove it next week when he beats him in every aspect of the fight. Honestly I thought Mousasi's being overrated would have ended due to his performances in SF but it seems to have lingered for some reason...

Edit: To put some "money" where my mouth is I will go all in on Gustaffson as well. Minus a lucky punch I don't see Mousasi winning.
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