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Originally Posted by khoveraki View Post
Not really at all. He landed nothing that flinched Moose, just a few stray kicks that barely landed.

The fight was a lot like Chael vs. Stann I thought. Mousasi just barged in, hunted Kyle down, and ended it.

And to say that Mike Kyle is some can is a mistake. I don't know if you know Bigfoot Silva, the current #1 contender for the Heavyweight belt in the UFC. Mike Kyle hit him a record of 110 times in ONE ROUND in their fight and was close to steamrolling him like Cain did.

And Mousasi finished UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt in about a minute.

I love Gus, and he has his hands full here.
Mike Kyle is dangerous but awful... He caught and almost finished Silva because of his speed advantage but once Silva recovered it didn't last long. Any fighter with fast powerful hands can do that to Silva, we have seen multiple guys do it already.

Kyle's takedown and sub defense are bad and his striking accuracy and defense are also lacking. Sad thing is Mousasi didn't even look that good striking with him, Kyle probably would have faded in the 2nd and Mousasi would have started to pick him apart but that wasn't needed since Kyle is such a fish on the ground.

The Mousasi vs Hunt fight was such a joke, Hunt had beyond horrible sub defense at that time. Mousasi just bum rushed him knocked him off balance and then it was over. Hunt's wrestling and sub defense have improved but if he ever fights a decent submission artist again he most likely still loses, lucky for him there aren't many of them kicking around or very active right now.

It easy easy to use the names of Silva and Hunt to try and talk yourself into believing Mousasi is a top notch fighter but don't fall for it. Gus is not losing this fight.
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