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I ran it with a friend of mine, we created the website out of love for the scene.

However, we soon discovered that if you email a promoter with a link to the website (which contained reviews of other events) and tell them you want to review the event and take pics ect... you don't need to pay for tickets

Try running a EDM blog or something, if you get a lot of visitors you'll soon see that promoters will give you a pass if it means free advertising. After all they pay hundreds if not thousands for advertising elsewhere. A good review on a EDM website targets a prime advertising group for the cost a few quid/dollars in the price of a ticket.

Sometimes you get the VIP treatment as well, which is pretty awesome... introduced to the DJ's MC's and promoters ect.

Oh yeah forgot to mention, I rarely waited in queues. Social Engineering is your friend. Or as well call it in the UK, blagging.

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