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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
Um **** pc gaming don't want to hear it. I have shit better to do then change a chip every single month for a new game. Consoles would look amazing too if we had to do after market upgrades all the time.

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You don't have to change anything every month. Every couple of years you can upgrade your video card or processor, but PC gaming is actually pretty cheap and affordable. I've had my current PC for about 2.5 years now and I can still play most games at max settings without a problem.

As for BF4, honestly it doesn't look that much better than BF3. Graphics are starting to slow dramatically, this will be the last console/pc generation where graphics see any improvement over the previous generation. Which is great, finally we can get back to what games are actually about - gameplay, innovation, new ways to play to keep the entertainment value up. Honestly I couldn't even watch the whole demo for BF4, I got bored out of my mind about 5 minutes in, the gameplay looks awful, another generic shooter.

I can't wait for the generation after this one so that development companies outside of Nintendo actually focus on the games, not the graphics (there are a few companies that still do, thankfully, but so many that don't).
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