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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
These two videos pretty much sum up my feelings on military shooters. I highly suggest people watch both of them (neither are that long).

I'm not exactly a fan of FPS, I like Battlefield a lot because of the size of the multiplayer, but I could literally sit down and do that for any single game that has been popular ever. Literally ever. Skyrim a game so many people were big on, A sword blow to me completely unarmored doesn't kill me in one shot nor do I bleed out or hell ever show damage. You can do that to any game without difficulty. Attacking the popular games because there are problems is really annoying, same thing when people bitch about Madden, get over it. If you don't enjoy the game don't play it. You can nit-pick anything in life you want to, the better question is why waste you're time and energy to do it.

That wasn't directed at you personally M.C, just a general statement. People who post bitchy videos on Youtube about how bad games are really annoys me. These are people that play so many games they miss the experience and want a realistic and exact tailoring to their wants. No one can just go well this is a form of art I guess and that's how the developers decided to pace and show this section. It annoys me even more when it's a guy that works at T-mobile who complains about work that took years and a lot of man hours to create and they shred it to pieces with no consideration of how difficult it may have been to do something.

I feel like so many people lose sight of just enjoying gaming that it's ruining the whole thing. They either need to get 100% completion or they want to bitch about it not being realistic or being too easy or too hard etc etc etc.

Sorry rant over.

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