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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
I'm not exactly a fan of FPS, I like Battlefield a lot because of the size of the multiplayer, but I could literally sit down and do that for any single game that has been popular ever. Literally ever. Skyrim a game so many people were big on, A sword blow to me completely unarmored doesn't kill me in one shot nor do I bleed out or hell ever show damage. You can do that to any game without difficulty. Attacking the popular games because there are problems is really annoying, same thing when people bitch about Madden, get over it. If you don't enjoy the game don't play it. You can nit-pick anything in life you want to, the better question is why waste you're time and energy to do it.

That wasn't directed at you personally M.C, just a general statement. People who post bitchy videos on Youtube about how bad games are really annoys me. These are people that play so many games they miss the experience and want a realistic and exact tailoring to their wants. No one can just go well this is a form of art I guess and that's how the developers decided to pace and show this section. It annoys me even more when it's a guy that works at T-mobile who complains about work that took years and a lot of man hours to create and they shred it to pieces with no consideration of how difficult it may have been to do something.

I feel like so many people lose sight of just enjoying gaming that it's ruining the whole thing. They either need to get 100% completion or they want to bitch about it not being realistic or being too easy or too hard etc etc etc.

Sorry rant over.
You missed the whole point of the video.

The point of that video is to show that military FPS games are nothing more than on-rails arcade shooters. What he is saying is when he walks forward to a certain part, he automatically dies. Why did he die? What did he do wrong in the game to cause his character to die? Then he shows how many times the sniper shoots him to show that the sniper didn't kill him, the sniper can't kill him (the whole point of showing that), so what kills him when he walks forward a few feet? The game kills him because he moved forward too much. The game is so blatantly scripted and on-rails that it literally kills you if you walk forward or in a direction it doesn't force you to.You don't actually have any control whatsoever in these games, the game tells you what to do, when to do it, how to do it, where to do it, and if you even so slightly decide to walk in a single direction the game doesn't want you to go to, it literally kills your character off.

As for why people complain, that's what consumers must do to get products they want. If you buy up any crap that someone puts out, then that's what you're going to continue to get. There was once a time in America (I can only speak for America obviously) when a consumer, a customer, spoke his voice out and told companies what he wants in a product, and if you don't produce that you don't get my money, you make a product worthy of my dime and you can get it, demanding a good and worth your dime product was once a good thing. These days if you complain about a bad product or how bad of a path something is going you are branded some entitled person who thinks he deserves everything, it's a really sad path people are going and it's the reason why people pay another 500 dollars every 2 years for the exact same iPad with about a 5% product difference from the previous one, and feel perfectly okay about getting boned in the ass over and over.

If you don't complain and buy up all the crap, then crap is what you get and your possibly favorite genre of game makes this transition:

A bit of a rant of my own at the end there lol.
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