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Day 49
Got in a little late tonight, 4:15.

The setup is vastly different now. I wasn't able to do the circuit I've described that i've been running on.

I did 3 sets of 75 decline situps, and shadow work as warmups today.

got through PT. Then we did 30 seconds striking a medicine ball that a partner held at their chest.

We did this for 3 rounds, I was with 2 others. One would hold the entire round and we would have a rotation. Rapid strikes any form you wanted.

after that i worked bags for the remainder.

Got in 35 body+45lb pushups at the end.

Went into the small weight room and did quick sets of 50 declines x 8.

I am not positive, but I am pretty sure I am able to do 50 in a minute.

this was during the PT session above.

Worked on bags for the night. Vinny one of our coaches was critiquing my right uppercut.

A few months back brad had taught us a way to throw it: if you know what a slip then you've got a step up. So if you slip to the right come up with an uppercut and same with the left.

Well I guess Vinny sees my face wide open if I throw the uppercuts this way and was wanting me to throw from normal guard.

I talked with Jeff our head coach. Since i lost my job he's let me train in the gym and when I got income I'd just settle up.

Well the mma gym that is partners with us has moved into our facility. I had asked the MMA coach if he would have any issues with me training with them. Was told to chat with Jeff. So once I get Jeff $75 more dollars I'll start training MMA a few days a week.

I am not entirely sure how it will work out. I could go MMA tuesdays and thursdays possibly saturday.

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