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Beginner Gi

Warmup, guard pass drill - didn't really like the drill because it went from toreando pass straight to knee on belly which feels sloppy to me without maintaining pressure and establishing side control. Also didn't appreciate enjoy being corrected about my perfectly fine sleeve grip from my blue belt partner. Oh well.

Drilled escapes from side control and back then Jorge arrived and helped us work on basic back escapes. I had most of his points down already but a few changes he makes is that he walks his legs to the side after scooting his but down, and he uses an arm to take the first hook off.

Rolled one round with the big purple belt that beat Kajan at a grappling thing last year. We went pretty chill and thanks to a timely post off my head I eventually managed to pass his guard right at the end of the round.

Note to self to stop going into gi class with stubble and leaving looking like a **** victim.

Thiago Goncalves is on TUF Brazil 2. He used to teach a bunch of our classes back in B.C. and I got to spar with him a few times. I know who to root for!
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