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Originally Posted by Bonnar426 View Post
Its funny! My second playthrough and I just started noticing how wrong the music in this game really is. I'm walking down a hall and all of a sudden I'm hearing Happy
Shiny People being sung in this barber shop style type of music. Weird!
*rift opens* "Girls just wanna have fu-un, yeah girls just wanna have fun!"

It was an INCREDIBLE game. I could poke some holes in the story (especially the ending) and the gameplay had some minor annoyances, even a few bugs, but all around this was exciting, moving, thought-provoking GOTY material. Loved it.

Oh and there is a fairly obvious and lengthy Bioshock 1 homage in it, so it might pay off to watch the intro video for that game on Youtube before you play this... just mentioning since someone had asked if you needed to have played the first two.

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