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I don't know about Regal, I think as a HW he would get crushed.

I know Haku could have beaten Royce Gracie and ended MMA, as their are stories of him being a tough mean SOB that liked to rip guys noses off in bar fights.

Danny Hodge could have been the LW or FW version of Brock Lesnar he was an Olympian level boxer and wrestler and at 70+ I think he could still take 90% of this forum.

and he liked that apple.

Before wrestling was televised and it was a carnival trick they used to have these guys called "hookers" that would just f up the ring patrons.

Kane actually has some solid MMA skills, and you can find a number of Japanese wrestlers that could have transitioned to MMA.

And then you have a number of wrestlers Shelton Benjamin, Curt Hennig, Kurt Angle, Charlie Haas, Dolph Ziggler etc etc etc.
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