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Originally Posted by HexRei View Post
well yeah, chael's got a lot of experience with failure. he was born into an extremely wealthy and affluent family and had every advantage growing up, yet in terms of his actual accomplishments, he's a felon (who rolled on his partners in conspiracy to avoid jail time, and destroyed his chances of becoming a politician which should have been hilariously easy coming from his pedigree), a fighter with only a decent record and a serious weakness to submission, someone who has made public statements and then lied to cover them up, oh, and had some suspect fake tap moments. that's a lot of failure to cope with in a lifetime.

gaining the respect of people through carefully scripted media comedy and camera editing is extremely impressive though and i can see how he feels like he overcame adversity there, so his statement hits me deep inside my heart as well.

Most people will always fall for what their TV tells them to think instead of reality though. Reality TV is the new reality. You're fighting a losing battle here.

Chael is not very nice. He's selfish, disrespectful, a prolific liar, greedy (will do anything for money and his cult will justify it saying "He was only a douche for the money! That's so much better ... isn't it ?"), attention hungry, queue-jumping, unrepentant felon (unrepentant being the key word here - the past is the past, but only if you repent for it. If not, it's called the present.), unscrupulous and insensitive as a human being, a fighter with an average record and many weaknesses.

I'm sure he has some good qualities as do all human beings (hard worker, good teacher) and infinite potential also as everyone does, but as it stands there are much better people around by far, especially in the fight profession. Both at fighting and being good people.

You are about the only guy on here who has actually met Chael and live in his community, but your opinion will be considered the least informed obviously.
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