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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
3/4th of the mma world is on TRT? I would be quite impressed to see a source on that one, but I suspect we are both aware you pulled that one outta your ass. Even counting the 5-6 known TRT users on the ufc's roster, that's less than 3% of their total.
You mentioned 'steroids/TRT' directly. I even used 'steroids/TRT' in my response. If you're going to directly reference steroids, don't later neglect said reference just so that you can make a snarky, inconsequential remark. It just makes you look lazy.

When did I say Chael is capable of no good? I mentioned his positive qualities in my first post didn't I? All this "Chael's a great guy" and "It's all an act lawlz" is a bunch of bollocks. Based on so much evidence, the guy is decidedly middle of the road, firmly across the line of douche but well shy of the line of "evil" which you guys are trying to put in my mouth.
As I mentioned previously, very few people here claim Chael's a saint. I may be the man's biggest fan at this forum, and I've just admitted that he's done and said some inappropriate things. Again, ignoring others' posts just so that you can bolster your own point makes you look lazy.

If I'm to understand you correctly, all you've really said is that Chael is capable of both good and bad. My, God... someone alert the media. Mankind is capable of good AND bad deeds! We've uncovered the secrets of humanity!

And yes if you go around mudslinging against someone's wife and country to his face without any direct provocation from the person you, just because you "dislike" him, then it makes you kind of a douche too.
Or an entertainer

The PPV buys speak for themselves. Sometimes, you've got to sell. I can understand why some might find it unsavoury, but I suppose I'm just not that much of a big, frilly blouse.

Beating a man so badly he loses all feeling in his face is just fine, but a corny, off-the-cuff remark about a man's wife is where we draw the line. Got it.
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