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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
You mentioned 'steroids/TRT' directly. I even used 'steroids/TRT' in my response. If you're going to directly reference steroids, don't later neglect said reference just so that you can make a snarky, inconsequential remark. It just makes you look lazy.
Oh Steroids AND TRT my bad then that's definitely more than 75%

Seriously, just toss in the, what, 3 or 4 current UFC fighters that have been busted for steroids and that's still like 4% of the roster when combined with TRT users. If you want to also count guys that were historically in the UFC like Barnett, Sylvia etc., then the percentage is even lower, counting the total as ALL UFC fighters in history. 75% it is not. Unsubstantiated opinion, maybe.

Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
As I mentioned previously, very few people here claim Chael's a saint. I may be the man's biggest fan at this forum, and I've just admitted that he's done and said some inappropriate things. Again, ignoring others' posts just so that you can bolster your own point makes you look lazy.

If I'm to understand you correctly, all you've really said is that Chael is capable of both good and bad. My, God... someone alert the media. Mankind is capable of good AND bad deeds! We've uncovered the secrets of humanity!
Oh wow all humans are capable of good and bad, what a concept!

With such genius, here's another difficult concept ... different humans also do different DEGREES of good and bad, and it's ok, even wise, to recognize that.

I'm sure Hitler had some good qualities too .. good orator, organizer etc. Clearly Diana had some bad qualities (extramarital affairs etc. due to loveless marriage). So are Hitler and Diana the same?? Or was Hitler a bit of a douche, you know, gassing a few million jews here and there, and maybe Diana's flaws are smaller and maybe her whole landmines charity crusade was a teeny bit nicer than gassing the jews.

Chael is OKAY. Not good. He's a douche. A small one, but a douche. Cain is a good guy. Aldo is a nice guy. GSP is a pretty nice guy. Chael, not really. I'm sure Cain and Aldo aren't perfect either, but OVERALL, they're definitely less douchy and more respectable fighters and people. I don't hate chael, but I'm not a fan and never will be as long as he stays the guy he is now.

Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
Or an entertainer

The PPV buys speak for themselves. Sometimes, you've got to sell. I can understand why some might find it unsavoury, but I suppose I'm just not that much of a big, frilly blouse.

Beating a man so badly he loses all feeling in his face is just fine, but a corny, off-the-cuff remark about a man's wife is where we draw the line. Got it.
Or a douche. Aside from his PPV with the greatest fighter in all of history, his PPVs are ... meh. And many others have gotten good or even better (Brock) ppvs without sinking to his level.

Yes, it's ok to beat a man till he loses feeling, IF HE SIGNED A CONTRACT FOR THAT IN A SPORT, with a referee for safety. It's called free will. If you do it to some random guy on the streets without provocation, you get tossed in jail.

Anderson's wife didn't sign up for insults though, and neither did every brazilian.
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