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I'm mildly interested in seeing Nick fight, but I'm not a fan of Nick "the person" at all. I knew GSP would beat him, but didn't realize it would be as one-sided as it was. Right now I have no interest in seeing him fight GSP again. And now that I know what GSP can do to him, I think it would be a complete waste of everyone's time (except moneywise) to have him fight Anderson. That would be a fatality for sure. So if those are the only fights he wants to take, bye bye Nick. If he wanted to work his way back to a title contention by fighting guys like Rory, Condit, Johny, or Ellenberger then I think we'd see some exciting fights. And I think the PPV numbers on those contender fights might still be impressive because Diaz is a draw. But if Nick wants to take his toys and go home unless he gets to pick outlandish opponents he has not earned the right to fight, then I say good riddance.
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