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Day 51

Monday I had a 1st orientation type thing with an employer that lasted 4 hours most of which was spent filling out at least a dozen packets of forms.

Wednesday I got a call asking me if I wanted an assignment. So I have a job now working for a staffing company that works in the nursing field. I'll be working in the same capacity I was in a nursing home.

I had a laid back morning, was working on the basement..I had to wait around the house due to no car until 4pm, had a shot battery.

I ran out to the office which is 20 minutes away. Picked up a badge and papers I'll need for tomorrow and next week.

Sped my way back to the gym for a 5pm kids night, stuck around and did light bag work. I wasn't really interested in a heavy night since I did a nasty one last night.

I guess I didn't put in last nights sessions.

Well after the boxers left I went back to our mma room, worked a little bit with derek a massive bastard at 225 on techniques.

Then had a few rolls with him, mind you I weighed in at 167.4 tonight at the gym.

I think I had 4 rolls with him on the 3rd roll with him I defended a guillotine choke, and then from what he says (I was on my knees with him to the rear) i esecaped and swept him somehow. all I know is I had my face pointed towards his feet and had a full mount.

So I had slid my right leg shin to mat under his neck and had worked my left leg free...when I hear i'm done. Apparently he was not going to have anything to do with me in the position I had him in Ass to mouth haha!

Well here is last nights
------------------------------------------------------------day 50

So I woke around 630 or so am. Got on my ritualistic diet and was pretty much done by 2pm. Since I had no car I went to the gym by foot, fortunately it is only 3.5 miles from the house.

I haven't ran since winter came, so I wasn't able to jog even slow for more than 2/3 the way.

Put a double session in, and was completely shot afterwords.

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