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Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
are you forgetting brock making fun of cain and his heritage?
Oh yeah forgot about that tbh. Still, that was pretty mild ... eating a burrito and drinking a corona after beating Cain. Nothing wrong with eating burritos or drinking corona really, I enjoy both, no real negative stereotypes there or anything. A bit mocking and not the most tasteful thing to say either I agree, and he got his ass whupped badly for it and deserved it.

Brock did lose a bit of respect from me on that one and I remember some of his other fans on here not liking it much either, this was different from him retaliating to Mir and Herring, but like I said, pretty mild.

Still not a patch on essentially calling all Brazilian kids a bunch of mud soaking beggars, all Brazilian guys purse snatching thugs, telling a guy you'll grope his wife and so on. I think it's fairly obvious the difference in degrees of douchebaggery there.
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