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Originally Posted by OU View Post
Grease n Grab? I don't understand the reference? I guess you are talking about Anderson? But I don't get the reference if you are. But IMO you have 1.Spider 2.Weidman 3.Vitor 4.Jacare. Obviously those are debatable but IMO they would all beat Sonnen and IMO they would do it convincingly. I won't call you crazy if you pick Sonnen over Vitor, most here in the Sonnen thread acknowledge that Jacare is just a nightmare matchup for Sonnen. But if you are just looking at rankings and not just head to head matchups and you want to put Chael at #3, I wouldn't call you crazy. I don't expect you to agree about Vitor and I think it's probably fairly split on who people think would win. Just how I see it though.
Spider is only one who is better. I think Sonnen could out wrestle Weidman but that is not for this thread

Aoki is a tricky guy, and if he keeps improving his wrestling and takedowns he will give troubles to a lot of the guys at 145. That being said, he will never be on the level he would need to be wrestling wise to give Aldo too many troubles, he could throw a random flying sub and catch Aldo. But most likely Aldo would send Aoki to the hospital to fix his broken face. And I'm a HUGE Aoki fan, but my bias won't get in the way lol

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