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Round 1

Smith throws a body kick that doesn't connect and Kaufman lands some quick punches. Smith jabbing and Kaufman landing a right cross counter. Kaufman darting in and out with a jab-cross combo, and the fighters clinch and start working the body. Kaufman working Smith against the cage, breaks and throws a few punches as Smith covers up. Smith lands a few body shots and throws up a head kick that is blocked. Smith throwing leg kicks and Kaufman working good right straights. Kaufman clinches against fence, Smith throws hooks to body and on the break Kaufman lands a good elbow.

Kaufman lands a great right handed counter to a head kick attempt by Smith. A few awkward front kicks from Smith, the fighters clinch and knee and this time it is Smith hands a good elbow. Smith pursues Kaufman back to the center of the cage and the fighters trade strikes. Bell rings with a good flurry by Kaufman. 10-9 Kaufman, based on the accurate strikes landed all round.

Round 2

Fight restarts and Kaufman goes back to work with that straight right hand. Smith looking to work kicks but she is getting hit hard by the straight punches of Kaufman. Smith slips a punch and clinches, lands a good elbow. Smith gets Thai clinch but Kaufman breaks away. Kaufman starting to mix in a lead hook. Smith unleashes a flurry of punches that seems to stun Kaufman and then flicks up a left head kick that drops Kaufman. Smith follows her to ground, Kaufman trying to survive from guard, Smith working very hard on striking.

Smith looking to pass standing, Kaufman inverts her guard and then spins back to open guard. Smith dives into the guard with a punch. Smith backs away and waves Kaufman up. Smith throws that left high kick against, but Kaufman was ready. Back at range and Kaufman is working her boxing again. Smith throwing lots of kicks and unloading with punches whenever she is in range. Kaufman clinches, and lands good right hand on break and round ends. 10-9 Smith

Round 3

Smith comes out throwing and Kaufman countering with right hands. Another head kick from Smith that is blocked, and then Kaufman catches a head kick and clinches. Kaufman gives up on takedown and lands good punch on break. Kaufman in and out with strikes, Smith using her range to keep up a constant stream of punches and kicks. Clinch and Smith lets go with uppercuts. Kaufman shots in for a sudden takedown and works to side control. Smith recovers guard and starts working a very active guard, kicks away and stands back up. Fighters trade at the center of the cage. Kaufman throwing a lot of punches, but Smith catching a lot of them on her shoulders and arms. A head kick lands for Smith, but Kaufman keeps her feet. Kaufman shoots again but Smith is able to stay on her feet. Smith keeps up attack, but Kaufman starts landing solid punches. Fighters throw as round and and then embrace after fight wins. Very close round, going to go with Kaufman for the punches she landed towards end of round. 10-9 Kaufman

Unofficial BE Scorecard: Sarah Kaufman 29-28

Official Result

Sarah Kaufman wins by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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