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Originally Posted by khoveraki View Post
You can be any sort of negative non-fan, it doesn't change facts. GSP and his trainers at Golden Glory have stated that Gegard just "messes around" and doesn't take training seriously. Then he came out in 2012 and said he is training legitimately for the first time. He event went as far as saying he had no idea how hard an MMA training camp was until now.
Right. Because we can always trust a man's training partners or trainers to tell the truth about him. And we certainly can't ignore it when a fighter attributes all of his earlier craptacular performances to something that is definitely fixed now.

Regardless of whether or not he fights the exact same way since making the changes.

And note how none of the above from you are "facts". They are hearsay.

Originally Posted by khoveraki View Post
No matter how much you hate him, he still was the Dream MW, Dream LHW, and Strikeforce LHW with a K1 win over Kyotaro the K1 HW champion. And he's only 27.
His K1 over Kyotaro is the only accomplishment on here worth bragging about. Dream belts mean little because he was competing in a higher weightclass in asia which means (and reading his record) confirms it was basically a bunch of cans. His only respectable win during that was a fluke ko of Jacare from an upkick in a fight he was losing. Holds about as much weight as being the Kindergarden boxing champion.

And his vaunted Strikeforce title? Won from Renalto Sobral. Wow. What an accomplishment. He koed one of the most koable fighters on the planet who's gameplan is run charging at you with his chin out. It's almost as impressive as beating James Thompson or Bob Sapp! And he failed to defend it even once.

My god... the talent of this man is mind boggling.

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