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Originally Posted by Reflex View Post
I guess American people must be used to having lies rammed down their throats so it seems normal.

To the average person its just ridiculous and insulting to our intelligence to see the heights jump the second they hit the ufc.

You're saying 80% of the fighters just make up the wrong heights but only when they become ufc fighters and all in the positive direction? Lol

Its just the audacity and blatant lying that is ridiculous... Who knows what important things they fib about as well is the inference.
If you're going to get your delicate European panties in a bunch about something, at least it should be something meaningful, like the definition of a grounded opponent, for example.

What difference does it make if a fighter is 2" taller or shorter than the number he's listed as? Will it affect his chances of winning if they list the correct height? Are you betting money based on height?

This is a non-issue.
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