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Originally Posted by Sports_Nerd View Post
If you're going to get your delicate European panties in a bunch about something, at least it should be something meaningful, like the definition of a grounded opponent, for example.

What difference does it make if a fighter is 2" taller or shorter than the number he's listed as? Will it affect his chances of winning if they list the correct height? Are you betting money based on height?

This is a non-issue.
Don't be so naive. The fact that UFC misstates fighter heights clearly suggests that the organization is also paying fighters to take dives. If Dana has the audacity to lie about height, then he's clearly paying off commissions and has the judges and referees in his pockets.

I get the OP's point. It is silly to lie about height. But it's not as though 260 pound fighters are secretly fighting at LHW... in the end, Shane Carwin's being 6 foot 2 despite being billed as 6 foot 5 is no more insulting than it is humorous. It doesn't change fight outcomes, and while it may be slightly irritating to some, it's hardly controversial.
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