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Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
Are you crazy? What was good about that? You think she sent all those soldiers to their deaths for freedom? No, it was quite obviously for the oil reserves and to win the election. Every 'good' leader uses wars, false flag attacks and such as firepower to win them the next election. Dave Camerons doing the same now. He wants the Falkland War. Obama wants Iran. Angela Merkel wants any country that she can bully.

Also, French President Francois Mitterrand made a claim to his psychoanalyst during Britain’s Falkland Islands war with Argentina in the early 1980s:

Margaret Thatcher threatened to use nuclear weapons unless Mitterrand gave the British the "deactivate" codes used by anti-ship missiles that France had sold to Argentina!

Those people on the Falklands Island are British. Whats more they wanted to remain British.

Argentina invaded the Island, and despite what they claim, the Island does not belong to them.

Argentina knew what they were doing and knew it invading the Island would cause a war. It was a War they got, and they got their arses handed to them.

The war was just. How would you feel as a Brit on the Falklands as a load of Argentinian troops arrive, looking to change your way of life? If it were me I'd expect help from the homeland.

As the French thing - They were selling missiles to Argentina. France is supposed to be an ally, yeah cheers Mitterrand, nice one mate! Imagine the UK selling its arms to Vietnam during the war. I don;t think the US would have been too impressed.

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