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Sprints 2x100
DB rows 80lbs each 1x8reps, 85lbs 2x8reps, barbell rows 135lbs 3x5reps, dead lifts 225lbs 3x5reps, reverse barbell curls 45lbs 3x15

Bas Rutten's all around fighting 7 3min rounds

Burpees 5reps ten sec rest and repeat for five minute. Did five rounds of those. Then one round of 4 reps, a round of 3 reps, and a round of 2 reps. Sit-ups 1x500reps

Bjj 10-1130, 1pm bas Rutten's boxing 7 x 3min rounds on heavy bag.
More later, soaking in some Epsom salts. Saweeet!
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