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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
That's why I still love this place. It's very educational for a dum ol country boy. I had no idea Thatcher was so unpopular in the UK.

Here, conservatives worshiped her and liberals were afraid to say anything against her and be labeled sexist.

Americans kind of put her right up there with Churchill as an example of British toughness.
It depends who you speak to. The working class (low earners) of Britain tend to come from the North of England and Scotland. They despised her and you can't blame them, the countries most vulnerable got nothing but hardship from her conservative government.

Middle and upper classes seemed to thrive under her leadership. She was Prime Minister for 11 years and re-elected twice so some people must have liked her.

You and cowgirl are right about her toughness though. Nothing fazed her. She was known as the Iron Lady.

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