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Day 52
got in about 3:50 today got about 2.5 miles of light jog in and a walk of 1 mile to the gym.

Worked a little on a new combo lead uppercut (left) into a block then overhand right.

I worked bags for a bit then we did a tire circuit outside.
session two
I primarily did kick drills for the duration and stretched for awhile as well.

I got a chance to see what my theories actually were capable of producing. I have never sparred in MMA before and went into a single 3-minute round hoping to work on kicks and succeeded terrifically!

I got a chance to spar MMA for a 3-minute round this evening and man was it ever a thing of beauty.

I had gone up against a guy my size who has had 7-years of experience and stated only very light strikes.

For a little while we danced then, I started throwing some kicks right roundhouse to thigh and hip, I threw a lead kidney kick (very very quick on delivery).

About 45 seconds went by we were at 2 minutes to go and somehow I dropped and pulled guard (jiu-jitsu) and then there was a light scramble found my way into very low reverse full-mount I was looking at his feet while sitting on his stomach.

I needed to be sitting on his chest, which would have allowed me to win the fight. somehow he got a sweep in the scramble that ensued I caught one of his feet in a submission hold. It didn't work and he got up to his feet.

About 30-45 seconds to go, and we didn't do much other than dance around.

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