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Originally Posted by Spite View Post
Those people on the Falklands Island are British. Whats more they wanted to remain British.

Argentina invaded the Island, and despite what they claim, the Island does not belong to them.

Argentina knew what they were doing and knew it invading the Island would cause a war. It was a War they got, and they got their arses handed to them.

The war was just. How would you feel as a Brit on the Falklands as a load of Argentinian troops arrive, looking to change your way of life? If it were me I'd expect help from the homeland.
As the French thing - They were selling missiles to Argentina. France is supposed to be an ally, yeah cheers Mitterrand, nice one mate! Imagine the UK selling its arms to Vietnam during the war. I don;t think the US would have been too impressed.
There are other, more diplomatic ways to come to a solution. I reccomend a book called 'The Confessions of an Economic Hitman'. In it you see how the major powers in the world control other countries through debt, fear and isolation. War is another method of control, but is completely unnecessary. It costs lives. Ruins the lives of others. Modern wars happen for capital gain and nothing else. The Falklands, along with Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and others are orchestrated to line the pokets of the banksters. The only people who gain from war are the bankers! Every time.

You talk about France being an ally? In what sense? In that they are not an Arab or Asian country? In that we haven't been at war with them since Napolean was hanging around? A war, instigated by the Adam Weishaupt and the Bavarian Illumintai?

People talk about nations as seperate entities far too often. We are all people. All human beings. And we are all indoctrinated into believing in patriotism, believing in segregation, believeing that one race, colour, creed may be superior to another. And the powerful banking elite use this propaganda to instigate wars, merely for corporate and capital gain.

Think I've gone off the main point here so I'll stop.

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