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Hehe... The "Mongolian Chop" is actually an attack that was made famous in Pro Wrestling, where the attacker raises both hands over his head and chops down on the person on both sides of their neck, head, shoulders, etc. Think about Capt. Kirk's famous "double neck chop" but with more wind-up and you'll know exactly what I mean. Well, the legendary Kazushi Sakuraba showed that it is a viable move for MMA. During his 90-minute bout with Royce Gracie (HL vid here), he made use of it while pounding away on Royce in his guard. He would punch straight down, and when Royce covered up, he would hit him with the chop. When Royce covered up for the straight punches, he would hit him with the mongolian chop on both sides of his head/neck/ears.

Sakuraba also showed that jumping stomps and fist drops were viable in that match too. It just so happens that the guys at Chute Boxe took those examples and turned them into frighteningly artful mainstays to their Pride FC arsenal.

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