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Originally Posted by the trainer
a pressure point is anywhere that hurts when u apply pressure eg. the throat. nerve centres on the other hand are places where nerve endings group together eg. the side of you face or your shin

massively overated dont bother
i would suggest ppl train pressure point for ground work. it a great way to maipulate your opponent to open up ther defense.

also i dont know about anyone else but i target train some combos on my heavy bag certain areas of the body, Ears, eyes, nose, jaw/mouth, throat, solarplexus, knees, groin, under arms at the top of the ribs. just to name the basics.

its better to know several places to hit in a real fight instead of always looking for just 1 or 2 openings in their defense. when i spar and am at medium to close range it seems like people are always looking to strike the face and stomach, i know several other places to strike and i know how to take my time and set it up then when the oppertunity arises i take full advantage of it.

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