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Originally Posted by Cowgirl View Post
Canadians in my experience are largely the same way, the number of people over here who idolize her is astonishing. I like her for her fierceness, nothing else. She knew what she wanted, she went for it, and she got it. Gotta respect that, but that's where it ends for me.
It depends. I think Canadian women tend to revere Thatcher. Which I suppose makes sense - tough, female politicians who stand their ground don't come around very often. But there are also vast circles who acknowledge that she had a self serving political agenda and ruined hundreds of thousands of lives. I can only speak for a few provinces, but I've found talk of Thatcher to be very mixed.

That said, you'll find few people here who will celebrate her death. But then the British are in the best position to appreciate the depth of her wrongdoings. I rarely dance on graves, but I won't blame them for doing so.
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