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Hey all im new here, some help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi all, my first post here. I love MMA, at the moment im currently learning Kyokushin and Judo in the UK. Iím 17 years old and im male. I work out from time to time at the gym hard and have some muscle on me. But I have a problem. I can feel my strength increasing but im not gaining much bodyweight at all and itís really hard for me to gain it.

I will randomly eat chicken, pasta from time to time and eggs etc but donít have a diet. I can barely eat 3 full meals a day because I donít know what to eat, and end up snacking. Basically to cut this short, I want to gain some weight and then convert it into muscle strength as I still feel im too thin. Could someone give me tips and some sort of a diet plan etc? I will go out and buy the food and ingredients, as im inspired to really go through with this

Im such a newbie at this whole dieting thing so really donít know what to do. Maybe a list saying Ďthis could be recommended in meal 1, meal 2Ď etc

I heard things like cottage cheese and peanut butter help, but I really just eat anything and everything, and I know some things I eat arenít helping at all. I was going to try Ďpro maxí for muscle but I donít know which is good for me and bad etc

Any help would be greatly appreciated people, thanks in advance
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