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Yet another weight loss thread.

Alright here's a typical question. So here is my current set up. I've cut out all sugars from my diet (on occasion i'll eat cereal because I don't get enough milk), I eat small about every 3 hours and I drink roughly 4 liters of water a day. I exercise routinely, mostly weights and plyometrics with a decent amount of cardio which I am currently increasing. I just finished my freshman year of college which was absolute hell on my body. I actually shot up to about 180 and my weight going into the year was in the low 160s. I need to drop to a fighting weight of 155. Currently i'm at 170. I do not have a specific deadline as I am only training but I would like to be in the proper weight class before too long so I will be able to make the proper adjustments to the lost weight. My question is, if I switch to a more diet and cardio intensive schedule how much muscle mass will I be losing to make the drop? Should I be focused on maintaining muscle and losing weight or just cutting weight? Should I take the wrestling route?
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