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Originally Posted by John8204 View Post
Hey he was a ref's call away from being champion due to the illegal knee (he had won the rounds), and he was like 30 seconds of action in rounds 3 or 5 from getting the decision.

He came closer to winning the big one than say Michael Bisping who still needs to win the fight leading up to the big one to get to fight he big one. Dodson was better than Benavidez and Dodson and is frankly in my eyes the highest ranked TUF winner in the UFC today.

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Originally Posted by Jesy Blue View Post
higher than forrest, rashad & serra who actually won belts?
ATM, yes because I'm not talking all time
having a hard time following your argument here

looks like MMAths here

Dodson is impressive since he joined the UFC (so post TUF), I give you that.

But he's still got tons to prove and his division is still fairly shallow.

Griffin, Evans, Bisping, Diaz, all fought the who's who in their respective and respectable divisions, they're here since a while and they're still here.

Hall sure looks like he could pose a serious threat in the MW division, but the guys in MW are experienced against top level competition.

I'd love to see hall vs bisping tbh, raw talent vs experience
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