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Originally Posted by OU View Post
The place I work for sells and service copy machines. I take service calls and enter them into the computer and create work orders for service and give them to technicians. When they are done I complete out the work orders in the computer. I also handle the monthly billing. The majority of our customers are under service contracts that allows them to get service and parts for a set monthly,quarterly or yearly cost rather then paying a service charge and paying for any parts or supplies(such as toner) each time.
So I have to get the meter counts from the customers to see how many copies they have made during each period because depending on the contract you are only allowed so many without being charged overages. So I get the readings and enter them in and then bill the customers.
So in a nutshell I take calls from customers, generate work orders for technicians and handle the billing for contract customers. All while talking to you fine people on the interweb. Which is why I have 2 monitors.
I see. My brother does something almost identical but for BT. Don't know if BT is well known in the US but baiscally they're the biggest brand in tele-communications in the UK. Not sure how thats relevant....he doesn't have two monitors though. He does however, talk with me on e-mail and we organise meetings throughout the day so we can go for a smoke. They must know he's stoned all the time, its blatant, they just don't seem to care. Must be good at his job.

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