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Originally Posted by OU View Post
No it's not "reggie". It's like the bottom of the sack from a bunch of different sacks. It is like grinded down weed though, like very grinded down lol
Sucks trying to roll it up because it's too fine and doesn't smoke well and gets in your mouth and shit. But perfect for pipes.
Ahhh I see. So it still does the job. Just hassle trying to smoke it anything but a pipe. I need to get me a pipe. Not one of those crappy little ones that end up stinking. I mean like a giant wooden one. With a great big bowl. That was how I first ever had a smoke. I was 16, and my friends had some Jack Herer, they piled aload into a big bowl at the end of this enormous pipe and I took it like a man, until that is i coughed my guts up for half an hour then 'whiteyed' out all over the place. Felt high for hours after that. Oh how I long for that feeling again.

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